Course Details

50 Mile Route

Starting and finishing at the Mountain Meadows Ranch in Christopher Creek, the 50 mile takes the Highline Trail west to the Derrick Trail. Down the Derrick Trail to Derrick Spur where it travels up the Horton Creek Trail, back on the Highline Trail and continues west to the Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery. The route turns around there and follows the Highline Trail east to where it ends at the 260 Trailhead. From there it goes up the Military Sinkhole Trail and climbs to the top of the Mogollon Rim. Runners then run along the top of the Rim enjoying majestic views, where it loops around on the General Crook Trail, over to the Drew Trail and descends back to the Highline Trail to See Canyon before finishing back at the Mountain Meadows Ranch.

Trail Marathon

The 26-mile trail marathon is exactly the same as the 50-mile, except after turning around at the Tonto Fish Hatchery, the route takes the Highline Trail straight back to the Mountain Meadows Ranch.

Elevation Profile

This is the profile for the 50 mile, the Marathon is just the first half of it.